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Marketing/Public Relations Committee

Committee Information

Chair: Maria Baseggio

Public Relations Committee Description and Initial Focus

Why Public Relations?

Public relations involves getting the word out about our organization and its value to the business community through conversations, written or verbal, with opinion leaders, news media, customer and community networks and then having them write or talk about you.

PR is very different than marketing and advertising as it is an uncontrolled message. In advertising, you can control the message and when it will run. With public relations you are relying on other people to talk about you in their venues.

Public relations can be a powerful vehicle because it involves credibility and relationship building between an organization and their audiences- customers, clients, the press, the community – on whom their success or failure depends on.

Suggested Message Points:

  1. GPSEG is a vibrant community of executives working in many capacities – in the corporate arena, in professional service companies, as well as executives in a transition phase.
  2. Our motto is “Networking for Life” --- whether employed, running your own business, or looking for a job. We believe it is the relationships that we build that sustain our success throughout our careers.
  3. We are committed to the exchange of business contacts and ideas in a spirit of generous giving, and to the fostering of career fulfillment, business development, and professional and personal growth.
  4. Our members are seasoned executives who bring a wealth of knowledge, contacts and knowledge that they are willing to share with members and the community at large.


To promote GPSEG’s message as a non-profit professional association of active, working senior-level executives.


  • Create and promote a Brand Platform for GPSEG (Vision, Image, Message)*
  • Build awareness of GPSEG ad a group of active, working senior executives
  • Promote the Brand among the local business community and media
  • Promote GPSEG members as speakers and expert sources
  • Collaborative effort with GPSEG Management Committee and Marketing Committee

Initial Programs:

  • Develop the GPSEG Brand Platform
  • Review work done to date by GPSEG strategy team
  • Evaluate tools and techniques for collecting and analyzing information
  • Develop a position re: the GPSEG name and propose alternatives if required
  • Create Brand Platform
  • Identify elements of Public Relations Program we want to implement
  • Identify resources to deliver program components and obtain proposals

Committee Member Responsibilities:

  • Participate in periodic committee meetings and conferences for planning and coordination
  • Actively participate in the development of the GPSEG “Brand Platform”
  • Volunteer for specific activities in support of public relations programs

Committee Pages

List of Members

Member NameTitle
Maria BaseggioChair
Steven SmolinskyBoard Liaison
Kevin ConnorMember
Dave PalmerMember
Rick SimmonsMember
Susan BuehlerEx-Officio (Bellevue Communications)